Freitag, 19. Juni 2009

iPhone Classic @ OS 3.0

Still iPhone-Dev team has not release the new Pwanage Tool on their blog, but as always I could not wait so I was looking for any chance to update my (SIM-) unlocked phone before they will release the update. And as always there is a way, described here! The most important thing is that your iPhone has been unlocked using the Pwanage Tool, not QuickPwn! As I could not remember anymore I have just re-unlocked my iPhone with the Pwanage Tool and OS 2.2.1 and then updated to OS 3.0. And I can finally say, it works! One drawback now is that the phone is not jailbroken, not yet. I really have to admit that an original iPhone just sucks :D The whole look is so old school. Well, hopefully next days...

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