Montag, 29. Juni 2009

NetBeans 6.7 is out - without JavaFX!

As already mentioned in my last post, the new release of NetBeans was scheduled for end of June. And today, as June is quite at its end, NetBeans 6.7 is out. The new outstanding features are the tight integration with Kenai and the integration of a new build system, namely maven! These two features really rock! You can connect your Kenai project, access the issue tracker directly from NetBeans as well as check out the source and more! With the integration of maven, the main build system based on ant has a tough competitor. A new view has been integrated to visualize the dependencies of modules, which helps a lot if you have many.

There is one very big issue for me about the latest NetBeans release: JavaFX support is missing! Again: JavaFX support is missing! How could they do that? JavaFX was the main reason to use NetBeans! Now I have also used the new Kenai feature with the last milestones. I wanted to switch immediately to the new release, but without JavaFX support I still have to stick with the predecessor 6.5.1. We'll see when the support will be out!

Overall, as I said, good times in the Java eco system :D

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R hat gesagt…

Hallo Adam, I recently chatted with someone from the JavaFX team, and he said the JavaFX plugin for 6.7 is expected by the end of summer. I am using both versions of IDE next to each other too...